As Google Health Flatlines, Drchrono Picks Up The Slack With Onpatient, A Health Database With A Quantified Self Twist

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Apps for recording your health details


When Google Health first went live in 2008, the service held a lot of promise for people looking for a reliable and convenient way of centralizing their health records, and then matching them up with other resources like drug information and doctor databases. But when, in 2011, Google decided to shutter the service after it didn’t pick up enough traction, that left a lot of people with a challenge: abandon ship or look for a new place to fight the e-health fight. They had a bit of time to decide: Google said that it would only delete all remaining records on the service on January 1, 2013.

Enter onpatient: a new public health record service from drchrono, a Y-Combinator alum with backing also from Yuri Milner, Matt Cutts, Paul Buchheit, General Catalyst Partners, Charles River Ventures, 500 Startups and Start Fund.

Its initial goal is simple. It wants to be…

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