The resilience of social

Shifting sands of social media … two years ago none of #instagram, #pinterest or #Google+ were here.


I was reading a post by @StoweBoyd a moment ago – Moving beyond the current understanding of social: From steady-state to postnormal.

He writes towards the end:

We have not reached a steady state given these forces on the world of work, and we shouldn’t expect to in any near future that could be extrapolated.

So, when thinking about the role and application of social tools in today business context, we should drop the premise of getting the business to a steady state. Instead, we have to develop tools and techniques that will help the company deal with turbulence, to help teams grapple with uncertainty, and help each user recover from adversity and conflict. These tools will be judged by the degree to which they confer a greater degree of resilience on their users and the businesses that have adopted them…


This post got me thinking, particularly around…

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