Pew: Social Networking Most Popular In The UK, And Despite The Smartphone App Boom, Voice Calls Remain King

Don’t forget the phone, Skype or Google + hangouts


The Pew Center has been running a long-term study on U.S. consumer habits on the Internet and  other digital media (you can read about past research findings here); today it’s releasing a new set of data that looks at the wider global state of affairs, as part of Pew’s Global Attitudes Project, specifically covering social media and Internet and mobile usage.

A survey of 26,000 consumers across 21 nations, conducted in March and April of this year, found that the UK is the most social-networked country at the moment; that making voice calls is still, on average and by far, the most popular thing to do with a phone; and that events like the Arab Spring have pushed people to use the Internet more to express political opinions.

We’ve embedded the full document below, but here are some of the standout conclusions we have found:

  • When it comes…

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