Social media and real life influence

What matters to you most, connecting with people that can influence others or connecting with those with thousands of connections ?


Not everyone knows the difference, and is there an overlap?


Do you chase contacts for your business, or do you allow your contacts to self sort into those that want to do business with you and those that don’t?


Is there a difference ?


If there is, what is it ?


I’ve spent 5 years building my LinkedIn profile and connections, 5 years today !


It has worked for me, I have a bit of klout on LinkedIn influence.


Why is that ?

Simple, I believe in “paying it forward” I believe in service before payment.

I believe in long term relationships, not here today, gone tomorrow, but here always.

I take the time for you to get to “know, like and trust” me, and I’ve never rushed anyone and I won’t rush you.


I’m not getting results that corporate’s expect, but I have a bank of people I know like and trust and my life is now going into the state of results based on strength of time spent effort. My short term results are weak, my long term results will be worthy of a book.


Which is better, you choose.


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