Google Plus interesting people

Three more I’ve met on hangouts that I strongly suggest you get to know.


Dolidh Young

From her about on Google Plus ———–>>>>

The not-quite-wisdom and rantings of a Wee Scottish Woman.
Web developer and actress based in Denny, Scotland.
Occasionally acts or sings on demand.
Quite often, I get asked how to pronounce my name… it’s like Dolly as in Dolly Parton. In Scottish Gaelic, we have a silent dh. ^_^ So now you know.
I’m interested in films, books, looking at beautiful photography, beauty stuff, having a laugh and geeky-techy stuff… I love gadgets, games, tea, judo, cycling, wrestling and walking and chilling out on Google+ and hangouts!
You’ll see my dog Shug and my families dogs in my stream from time to time. I absolutely love dogs ^_^
I enjoy meeting people from all cultures and countries and hangout fairly regularly, so if you see me in a hangout, pop in and say hello!
you can find them all in my circle below
Paul Snookes and Paulette Jones

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