Does Social media require a time investment ?

We seem to have an obsession in today’s society about fast results, but fast results are often short lived.

Whilst speed of results may be important, long term results and long term growth are more important.

We should put more importance on integrity, quality and sustainability than a quick fix. A quick fix has resulted in over fished seas, destroyed the rain forests and created a gambling culture inside banks.

As a Digital Manager I turn down a lot of clients because they expect results instantly, and building up relationships is not a switch, it is a process. Instant results needed = red flag in relationships.

I’ve created many great relationships through social media, but the best ones have come through the natural passage of time, where trust has accumulated rather than been pushed at other parties as an asset to be valued.

There are two types of social media, both bring results but at differing speeds

1. Massive exposure

2. Relationship creation, development and maturity.

These two methods can contradict one another .. and often confuse or diffuse a social media policy.

With extreme exposure you can drive consumer sales, but that is all you will get, you will not build relationships with your customers and your brand will only be known for sales. If you build both your brand and your sales through a combination of exposure and relationship building, your brand will drive your sales, when your exposure starts to become stale.

Social media is about creating trust, and trust takes time.

Trying to short cut the process will not create long term business through this media.


One thought on “Does Social media require a time investment ?

  1. Thanks for this post, I like it! I came across your blog while browsing LinkedIn.

    It bothers me to no end when I see brands using social media simply to announce sales or publish links to press-releases. Many don’t seem to understand the concept you laid out here: “Social media is about creating trust, and trust takes time.”

    Creating trust certainly does take time, and it’s important for brands (large and small) to stick with social media and not quit — by relying on heavy-handed sales announcements — before they’ve reached the level of trust they set out to achieve in the first place.

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