House Prices and Feeding the birds

I’m passionate about birds, in a quiet way. I feed them in our garden and watch them with the binoculars whilst on holiday. With the increasingly “couch potatoe” society I wonder how many kids do not realise the power of watching life in all its spleandour. I feel even our kids wonder why are so excited by the frenzy of activity on our bird feeders. As Cheryl makes our breakfast I get a report on which birds have appeared that morning. When we peaked at 14 Goldfinches (one of my wife’s favourites) last year, we knew we were at least attracting birds. 12 feeding simultaneously is now common place.

We’ve lived here for nearly two decades, and during that time we have watched the trees and bushes, the shrubs and plants relentlessly be removed and slaughtered in the majority of our neighbour’s houses. The question in my mind is “What is more attractive a house with a paved front and a lawned rear, or a house with  two gardens. One of our neighbours has just decided to move. Before putting the house up for sale, all trees in the front, and all shrubs have been removed, leaving the picture on the agents sales site looking almost as if the house is fronted by the pavement. For my part, seeing that picture, I would simply move on to the next offering, but is reality different, are buyers after a simple life rather than an idyllic life?

I’ll update you on the sale as and when it goes through.

Should you be in the UK and needing bird seed, here’s another supplier that delivers bird food, bird seed and accessories for feeding wild birds.


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