Diary of a Social Media Addict

Life has started to become simpler.

Today Mum is fully in recovery mode after her knee replacement operation. Had a chat with her at my sister’s house

My business partner is fully back in his normal extremely productive mode.

I’m starting to have fun again, our shorteners sites have been created and our other two sites are now propogated with big G’s adverts.

So what did I do today.

Helped one friend with advice on a debt matter.

Worked with one client on twitter, linkedin and Facebook exposure.

Spoke to a prospective source of new business and after seeing several pieces of his work I was happy to recommend him as an expert in his field on LinkedIn.

Read a few blogs of other good social media folks and decided I’ll actively blog, at least 5 days a week.

Asked one of my LinkedIn groups by way of a Poll if they want the group to go public…. groups can be private on LinkedIn, but then the benefits of search are lost to the group.

I’m still a very active stock market share trader, so I’ve watched one rise on and off all day. Even though the VWAP was corrupted and indicated I should sell (lies, damn lies and statistics … )

Added another one of my twitter’s to a Facebook app to allow me to recommend more great people.

Read LinkedIn messages, connected with a few more, had a thank you from Ray Simmons for his recommendation on LinkedIn for which he truly deserves thanks for his efforts from many other people.

Re-activated several tools on twitter for repeated exposure now that Mike’s back in the groove.

Genuinely excited about the future. Enough for today.


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