Start of my Investor’s (not trader’s) Blog

After a long time away, I think the time is right to revisit the stock market.

Oil prices unrealistically high in the long-term.

Banks with their wings clipped, from gambling and abusing their customers…. we hope.

Everyone sees only the doom and gloom, but there are real growth stories out there with new businesses thriving.

We still need to eat, cloth ourselves and we will have to start looking at our lives and its effects on the planet, unless we just want ourselves on the planet and very little else.

So where to go… to invest …. my choices are roughly, green, echo, obesity, finance, safety, pharma, house building, travel, recovery, web, digital and telecoms.

Purchase 1. Where to start, with all the news on terrorism, bomb threats and the need to saving the use of resources, I’m going to seek out a glass supplier that protects from bomb blasts, but has also the ability to reduce heat loss, or reduce excessive heat in buildings and is small enough to move up in price substantially with a good new contract. Hmmmm … but to progress it is still important that they are already recognised as a quality supplier, so they must already have good contracts in the bag.

So this is a blatant ramp. Here’s the company

All I need now is for the company to get another large break through contract to get the company a rerating.

They already have a contract from the Police and a contract from the EU.

I’m in no hurry, I’ve now bought the shares, now I await the transformational contract(s), or the purchase by takeover from a bigger company.

Just spotted that they do Bomb threat training. Got a feeling this will be very popular in London with the 2012 Olympics rapidly approaching. To quote from SDS site (part of the group)

“The X-Ray systems you recently supplied are a revelation as far as our work is concerned. I attended a particularly difficult suspect package the other day and took eight shots of it before I could fully identify what I was looking at. The fantastic thing was, that I could do it all without moving from where the computer was located and of course, no film, so no consumables. It is now a pleasure to take x-rays.”

Head of the Counter Terrorist Wing at Thames Valley Police

Update 24th May 2011

New contract in the USA. $300,000

Update today – looking good


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