Social media and marketing diary

Friday 10th December 2010
Been a strange time in the UK.
Weather truly bizarre.
I’ve never seem icicles like this in Mansfield since I was a kid in the 60’s & 70’s in a more northern city.
Photos of the icicles here.

Today was the first day I’d driven the car in two weeks, the road was just too risky. Earlier this week, on the way back from the shops, I slipped and fell on the ice on the road and sprawled full length and was lucky to escape with only a cut hand and a bruised ego. I travelled down to the Donington Manor Hotel, Castle Donington, DE74 2PP. Thankfully, it all went well, with a good bit of skidding on our road, then very simple after that with most of the journey on the M1. Met up with Hannah Sookias , Hannah’s one of those delightfully enthusiastic people who you just want to see more of and it’s always a privilege to spend time with her. Hannah’s speciality is in marketing, she puts together the whole package for her clients, and she is a regular tweeter on twitter. Several coffees later we departed. We planned the framework to deliver a social media briefing at The Alternative Board meeting later this month.

Offered some help for our TAB board, just basic free SMM, nothing special, after seeing Hannah I thought I’d search for one members activities. Fascinating, on Bing only 5 search results. “Bing” bought another domain. Always makes me smile spotting a gap in the market.

Another, I’ve been guiding roughly, sent me a thank you. One group I pointed him too, had provided him with more work inside a fortnight of him getting to know about it.

Set myself the task of answering 600 questions on Linkedin this month. As presently Europe’s All Time Most answered on LinkedIn it would be nice to maintain the position. It’s always quite useful to notch up Best Answers on the “Using LinkedIn” category too, as LinkedIn’s questions are searched through and listed on Google.

Picked up a few more best answers, a couple of which are featured here. Quite encouraging.
Question “What’s the best piece of advice you have about using LinkedIn?”

Question “How do you Raise money using LinkedIn?”

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