Diary of a social media geek

Wednesday 10th November 2010
Looked forward to this day for several days.
About every two months Mike and I meet for a full days discussion on planning our joint ventures.
On the 10th December 2010 we will be launching AFGSH and Affiliates Get seen Here Ltd our Affiliate marketing training portal. This is how we see it. There’s a huge amount of hidden income in affiliate marketing, but the only way people will tap their full potential is if they know how to find good programs and understand it is not a get rich quick scheme. They will need training and help.

Slow start to the day, needed petrol and both front tyres pumping up.
Took some envelopes for Mike, as I’d thousands left from a previous mail shot campaign and some gift bags for Fran.
Journey down to Rugby was OK, I’d been several times so I did not have a route planned. Kept thinking I was lost but drove straight to his home without a single wrong turn. Arrived at 10.00. Greated by Fran, Mike was selling customised golf balls as I arrived. Had a cup of tea with Fran whilst Mike finished off his administration tasks. It is a happy house with love flowing in many directions between family members.

Quite a cold day, a bit windy, and we set off for Caffe Nero in town on foot. Short walk of about 10 minutes, Mike was going through the house price drop as we walked, some houses had dropped from £670,000 to £270,000 in Rugby town. Recession and shortage of money, but you wouldn’t know it by the queue in Cafe Nero. We go to these places because of the free Wifi provided. Whilst waiting for Mike to arrive the couple next to me were discussing Facebook and LinkedIn, had to smile. The guy thought Facebook has peaked, I expressed my agreement, but I’m aware the readers here may probably disagree. I think its growth speed has peaked, and it is quite a complicated site to use to its best.

Mike arrived back from the counter and sat down with drinks and a chocolate swirl to share (I’m watching my weight a bit). Wifi was a bit iffy, slow connection speed and the electric sockets near to where we sat had no power to them. We had a bit of a chat with the guy next to us who was a aircraft engine specialist, but for engines that are used to create power rather than those on aircraft. His friend from the town had left by now and we engaged him in conversation. Mike kept popping out for a cigarette and discovered another restaurant with Wifi. We all left and went there. I talked to their staff about the need for the restaurant to have a twitter account to gain publicity.

Mike managed to get the Wifi working on his laptop and I had good mobile reception on my Android phone.

So we decided upon several sections for the portal.
A public forum, a “What works for you” shoutout section, assistance, create your own survey, a lobbying form with customization, affiliate managers section, newsletter management and obviously as many affiliate programs as we can find from credible companies. If you can think of any more that we should add please comment.

Suffice to say we had our usual crazy hour at the end of the day when the creative bit kicks in.
More on that next week when I can confirm we have secured the domain names.


One thought on “Diary of a social media geek

  1. I love how you make work feel like play!
    Susan Manning
    (please send our url to your contacts. We are legit (22 years St. Louis Parent magazine) and need viewership now.
    I will be happy to help you in your venture! Affiliate marketing is smart!

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