Diary of a Social Media Nerd

Tuesday 9th November 2010
I’m on a board run by The Alternative Board and one of the other members of the board is Peter Motley who runs the Business Network in Nottingham. I was instantly impressed with Pete’ from day one, he listens intently and only answers the questions that are asked. His key focus is on customer / client service. He’s also quite perceptive, he spots much more than he talks about.

His meetings seemed like a great place for me to network. Today was the day I trialled his meetings.
On a rainy day I left very early to get to The Village Hotel Brailsford Way, Chilwell, Nottingham NG9 6DL traffic on the M1 can be ridiculous.

Start for the meeting was 10.00 a.m. …. I arrived at 9.06
Glad I did, I had the chance to chat to both presenters over coffee, well in advance of the seminar.
What an enlightening event. The presentation was on the distribution networks for the Olympics Allocation Funds.
(QUICK NAME DROP … my sister dated Dr. Bob Hague, when he moved house, Seb (Lord Coe) helped him move house)
I was so delighted to see Seb running the Olympic London 2012 campaign, I’m from the same town as Lord Sebastion Coe and the steel city is fiercely proud of him as a person and an athlete. So to be told that most of the contracts awarded from the Olympics are awarded to SME’s is a really great feeling. Rory Slater from the Championing Derbyshire, Olympic Business showed us the statistics. Indeed you can register to supply services and goods by registering here at competefor.com

People also at the event, Chrissa Maund of Light Films Ltd both on my table for the seminar and for lunch. Gerry Corton from the DNCC has contacted me since the event and would provide a useful source of information for any local business.

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