My apologies to Google

Have you ever thought if you think like everyone else you’ll end up just like them?

When I decided to really learn social media about 2 years ago I thought I’d need to do everything that everyone else was doing, but after several years of stress I wanted to have fun as well as thrive. I wanted to really get to know people, meet new folks, laugh, interact, smile and grow. How boring are our days when you just do the same thing to get a job done, so I decided to do what you are always told but not many risk. Namely “Pay it Forward” and I wanted to do it my way, not following the crowd. Yes those that know me, know I’m a bit “off the wall” but also know I get the job done.

So once and for all, I set off in my direction.

There are great trainers of social networking out there, I know, like and trust a lot of them. But I don’t want to train I want to network. Do I hear you say “not me” well then you have found your answer. I only want a few clients, enough to have fun building their reputation on roughly 20 sites, and branding on more if they wish. Google is now very big, but every time they integrate and accumulate something, the path to use it becomes more protracted and less simple. I cannot sign into YouTube with my password anymore, because it suits them, well Google I’m sorry but it does not suit me.

I’m sorry Google, I use Twitter for real-time search.

I’m sorry Google, I use Bing for Search.

Oh, if you think I am alone and off the mark here, check out which search engine is empowering mashable’s site.

I’m sorry Google, I don’t use Google analytics.

I’m sorry Google, I use Firefox as my browser.

I’m sorry Google, my site is not getting hits.

My very sincerest apologies for thriving without you.

Guess who chose Bing first though. There’s that blue moon … and the tide is turning.

As ever, Simon

The Visibility Extremist

Fun Friendly & E-ffective

Google Wave’s goodbye

Google axes Google Wave, link is  from Google’s official blog.


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