Reducing Unwanted email from Social Media


Quick Version :- Log In –> Settings –> Email Notifications –> Make your choices

Long Version
Log in first.

Click on Settings – Top right of the screen and do not be surprised when LinkedIn asks you to Log in again.
LinkedIn always does this as you Click on Settings

Scroll down to Email Notifications

Click on Receiving messages

Edit each thing according to your needs and wishes.


Quick Version Log in –> Settings –> Notices –> Unclick New Follower Emails & Unclick Direct Text Emails

Long Version

Go to your twitter account (insert your username)
Log in with your username and password

Click on Settings in top right of the screen

Click on Notices from list at top of screen

Delete the ticks from the appropriate boxes.


Quick Version Log In (Email and password) –> Account Settings –> Notifications and Alerts –> Untick the appropriate boxes


Quick Version Log In (Email and Password) –> Settings (top right) –> Mail notification settings (LH column) –> Untick the appropriate boxes

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