Social and school diary

Interesting time… well at least to me.

Met with Wendy Taylor begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting and Martin Forster on Wednesday at Scotch Corner Hotel.

Great meeting, loads of overlaps and synergies in our ventures.

On Thursday, drove to Reading to meet Shaun Lee from school, now working at Oracle.

Sad indication of our times is that a great public house we were due to meet at was closed, although unlike the others is probably a temporary closure.

So we met at his office and we drove through the country lanes to a lovely country pub.

Lovely to see Shaun again after all these years, hoping to do it again and draw another bunch of our school mates with us when we meet later this year.

The years have just made Shaun older, he is still the very friendly easy going person he was all those years ago.

Managed to get contact with Janet Kilby recently. Lovely to hear from her, and yet another person who seems unchanged in attitude despite the years that have passed.

Just found a NFLI (Nutrition for Life) friend through LinkedIn, Fritzi Strom.
Now connected on LinkedIn and Facebook.


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