Twitter made easy, the basics of setting up your account.

Bear with me, as you read this, I’m trying to convey how I arrived at my conclusions.
These thoughts are born out of a year of effective management of my own twitter experience and also for several of my clients.


    • Setting up your account properly
  • Firstly lets start with the things you must do right to set up your account.

    The picture, gravatar, or avatar you use on your twitter account must portray you.
    You’ll see I’m smiling, so the picture represents my goal to stay as young as I was more than a decade ago, and also that I’m an easy going guy who has opinions but is willing to hear yours.
    If possible use the same picture as on different sites it helps secure your brand.

    If you want people to find you, put in your real name.
    If you are running a campaign, then try using the name of the business providing it is short.

    User name
    Pick it carefully, it could or will become one of your brand names.
    Think about whether or not swear words make up part of the word.
    If they do think again.
    I know “I would not include swear words”
    Try “penny farthings” then, can you see how it includes the partial rude swear word.
    Some search engines and filters do preclude them from family viewing…. so I’m told … so why take the chance.

    Email address
    Decide before you set it whether you want to be found by it, or not.
    Twitter now runs a click based “find me by my email” offer, and therefore friends, competitors could track you down via the email. You can tick the box if you do, under the email address.

    Make sure it is set right… I find Japanese hard to read 😉

    Time Zone
    Worth setting differently if you want calls early or late, otherwise just set it appropriately.

    Tweet Location
    Better explained by Twitter themselves.

    Protect my tweets
    I’m not a big supporter of clicking this, it just means you have to approve everyone that wants to follow you.
    If your twitter account is a private conversational tool, then OK, I could accept it is right to use it.
    However, if you want thousands, or even hundreds of followers, I would suggest you leave this box unticked.
    One thing about networking, you find you create whole new words, unticked does not exist, well it does in my world.

    Make sure it is considered strong by twitter.
    Record it, off-line
    If you ever feel like you may have clicked a phishing link, or given it away, or been hacked, change it immediately.
    Good source of information for what is happening on twitter regarding security.

    If you want to tweet with your mobile fill this in.
    Straight forward to do.

    This is where you let twitter know, whether or not you want to receive emails regarding activity on your account and changes in twitter.
    If you intend to be very active on twitter, I would switch off the top two, namely untick (another new word) the box “New Follower Emails” and “Direct Text Emails”
    I think it is important to know what is happening with twitter so I always leave the last one ticked.

    We covered the “Picture” and “Name” bit earlier.

    If your business is geographically operated, or put another way is based in just one State, then I’d be sure to put the name of the State, as the location, not your town. If your business operates nationwide, I’d put the country name. If you feel there is an opening to explode your business inside a certain town, I’d put that town in the box. This may seem a bit disingenuous but we’re trying to make this tool most effective for you.

    Web Address
    Include the whole address, leave in the www as google, yahoo and bing can find it this way.
    Do not use a shortening tool here, if you do, those not internet friendly will be put off by it.

    Tell people about yourself or your business or what you are after. Don’t use profanity.

    When you start your account, these are likely to be very few.
    View these occasionally to be sure they are all approved by you.


10 thoughts on “Twitter made easy, the basics of setting up your account.

  1. Excellent advice!

    May I add that the profile bio should include information about you that makes you seem interesting? It should include your niche plus a bit of personal information that makes you, you.

    Adding a little humor here goes a long way! Here’s your chance to show who you really are and why someone should “follow” you.

    • Good Morning Laura,
      Thanks for stopping by, I always appreciate your advice on written matter.
      For those that don’t know Laura, Laura runs the “Write On, Networkers!” group on Linkedin.
      As advised I’ve made my profile seem a little more like me, I hope.
      Best wishes, Simon

  2. Thank you Simon,

    You have such an impressive background and provide such important info for those starting out or those of us who have been social networking for awhile. Always need to recap and try to boost content and focus.

    Great Info for all and thank you!


  3. Good information, so many people are just now starting to get on the Twitter and other social networking websites and are looking for help with the basics of setting it up and getting going.

  4. Greetings Simon,

    What do you think has been the base of your success on the amount of followers via twitter?


    • Hi thanks for asking

      Three things
      1. I tweet daily
      2. I reciprocate where I can, both by following and helping others.
      3. I started with the end in mind, my focus was on building a brand that fitted my personality and my business plan.
      Namely Extreme Visibility

      As ever, Simon

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