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Originally posted on VentureBeat:

twitter hack

Twitter handily beat Facebook and Google+ during the Super Bowl in social media mentions, according to an informal analysis by Marketing Land.

During the Super Bowl, brands are fighting almost as hard as the players to out-perform the competition. They use whatever marketing tricks they can to score points, including mentioning social networks and other sites where fans could connect with the brand during or after the game.

Marking Land’s Matt McGee counted the number of mentions Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ got during the ads that aired during the Super Bowl. He only counted the 59 national commercials that aired after kickoff and before the game clock hit 0:00.

In order of mentions, here’s his breakdown:

  • Twitter or hashtags were mentioned in 50 percent of ads
  • Facebook was mentioned in 8 percent of ads
  • Google+ was mentioned in 0 ads
  • Instagram was mentioned in 1 ad
  • YouTube was mentioned…

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