Infographic vs Webgraphics


Webgraphics vs Infographics – the winner will be the one that creates the most engaging content.

Originally posted on VentureBeat:

A still image from a webgraphic on how much water you use

Julia Gifford works with the Draugiem Group, a Latvian incubator.

Infographics have become an outdated method of data visualization. Recent developments in technology have allowed a new breed of data visualization to emerge — a prettier, more informative, easier to understand, and more marketer-friendly version. These new, more interactive graphics are about to push infographics out of the limelight.

Introducing the webgraphic

Infographics have enjoyed large-scale popularity over the past few years as an accessible means of data visualization. And with good reason. Infographics were great for displaying large amounts of data, making sense of complex information, and engaging readers more in the discovery of new patterns.

But those days are over. Now, infographics are being replaced with an even more visually appealing, effective, story-telling agent — the interactive infographic.

Ross Crooks, the creative director of Column Five, an agency, saw this coming. He wrote about the death of the…

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